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Find out how Jethro International’s Humanitarian Civil Diplomacy is important today in the face of current global conflicts.


This article is the result of the effort and an initiative by Jethro Civil Diplomat to clarify the concept of Civil Diplomacy for society and humanitarian actors.


Who is the Humanitarian Civil Diplomat?

A Civil Humanitarian Diplomat is a person who is involved in humanitarian work. But what characterizes humanitarian activity?

According to UN General Assembly resolutions (46/182 and 58/114), humanitarian activity is: delivering life-saving assistance to those in need, without any adverse distinction.

Humanitarian principles are endorsed by the UN and distinguish from other activities, for example those of political, religious, ideological, or military nature.


Civil Diplomacy: What is it?

Civil Diplomacy refers to the humanitarian activity of civilians amid the demands of today’s society and also in the face of current world conflicts.

Jethro International has been training Humanitarian Civilian Diplomats for over 20 years in over 100 countries.

Transforming reality for the better and meeting socio-humanitarian demands: this is the priority mission of a Civil Diplomat.


Why Civil Diplomats Use Badges and Credentials?

The Badge and Credential identify the Civil Diplomat as a humanitarian actor before society, government authorities and security forces.

The Badge and Credential identify humanitarian actors and are mandatory for use in accordance with the 2005 Protocol (III) additional to the 1949 Geneva Convention.

It is the obligation of States to guide government authorities, security forces and the population on humanitarian activities and respect the work of Civil Diplomats.


Humanitarian Civilian Diplomat Jethro

Currently, Jethro International expands the concept of Humanitarian Civil Diplomacy.

In this way, Humanitarian Civil Diplomat is a person who, in addition to carrying out his occupational activity, also expresses his humanitarian side.

In this sense, he can be an ambassador, he can be a teacher, he can be a businessman, he can be an artist, etc…

The difference is that in addition to carrying out his daily activity, he is interested in and promotes local activities in his community in response to the social and humanitarian demands of that community.

In other words, it expands its activity by proposing humanitarian initiatives wherever it lives and whatever it does.

Communication Civil Diplomat Jethro
Jethro International’s Communications Department curates the most relevant information about the actions of humanitarian civilian diplomats around the world. Stay up to date, follow and share your actions with us! Please contact us at
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