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About us


In the early 2000s, a group of entrepreneurs with genuine humanitarian interests had excellent ideas for transforming the world but lacked the reliable contacts to allocate the resources for such actions. On 7/7/2001, they signed a commitment to establish an organization capable of materializing their dreams following the principle of Yes, we can change. Thus, Jethro Civil Diplomat was born. 

In 2001, in the United States, Jethro’s President realized the need to gather the leaders of his network from different countries, starting a movement in favor of human and humanitarian causes, thus creating a worldwide interconnection of people with relevance in their areas of activity.

Strategically, Jethro Civil Diplomat established its first operation in developing countries, which required a lot of skill in getting in touch and dealing with religious entities, which were always the institutions that took over the humanitarian actions in these countries, an established practice until today.

 However, we could say that if such entities stopped their activities, many governments would not be able to attend to the social demands of the population, such as: welcoming the elderly, supporting children and teenagers, recovering addicts, working with refugees, to helping in climate catastrophe situations.

 In the first decade, we were present in more than 20 countries in Latin America and Africa. A period that we follow many issues in this society elaborating proposals aiming to transform the social reality of that time. This strategic alignment allowed the identification of social needs and searching for the best solutions.

 In the second decade, the focus was on connecting leaders and legal legislators in these countries to interfere and develop laws that would give citizens guarantees from a human and humanitarian perspective. Since then, professionals from the most diverse areas of society have been connected with Jethro, aiming to have a representation of the suffering in these countries.

Today, with headquarters in Europe and a presence in more than 100 countries, we continue to fulfill the vision that we can change: Yes, we can change – from Europe to the world – by our Civil Diplomats.

The main work of Jethro Civil Diplomat is to encourage the development of projects designed and carried out by the diplomats themselves or in collaboration with other entities. The role of the Jethro Civil Diplomat is not to manage these projects, but to contribute to their development and collaborate with the Civil Diplomat in their implementation.

 When working alone or on their projects, each Humanitarian Civil Diplomat receives legal assistance from Jethro and, above all, from sharing with thousands of leaders in its network. Starting from many countries where each one is active, they benefit from the experiences that have already been dealt with in similar cases, allowing for greater fluidity and efficiency in the projects.

Jethro Organisation has been training Civil Diplomats through specific preparatory content to enable leaders in society to be protagonists of social transformation actions based on the legal prerogative of Civil Diplomacy.